Whiz Around With Some World Class Drivers at The Shanghai

The top from the range Grand Prix routine in Shanghai in china spiraled the town of Shanghai in china into the worldwide racing limelight overnight since its initial race in wonderfully designed circuit was your brainchild of German Hermann Tilke, a professional when it comes to F1 racing circuits.

Known as the Paris, france of the East in times past, Shanghai in china has since then moved on to being known as the Pearl of the Orient. A contradiction on many counts, the nation of China is a tourist magnet because of the many paradoxes within the country. Shanghai being the commercial nerve centre of the large country is also at the same time steeped in legend and historic importance.

The decision to open its doors to the world of motor racing saw the biggest construction marvel take place. The venue to get the circuit is situated about 30 km away from the city and was essentially marshy land. 40, 000 stone pillars were embedded in the ground and over 2 million cubic metres of earth had to be moved before the construction proper could begin. However a team of 3000 dedicated engineers and construction workers worked around the clock for around 18 months in order to get the circuit in shape for its inaugural race in 2004.

The stunningly designed circuit was very costly to construct and has become a benchmark to get Formula 1 circuits since then. The design of the track in the shape of the Chinese character ‘shang’ meaning ‘above’ was a coincidence. The track itself spans a length of 5451 m with one lap covering 5. 5 km. Comprising of 7 right and 7 left turns, thrilling straights and challenging corners, the track provides some interesting races visually and requires some demanding driving technically.

The large spectator arenas are still insufficient to get the large crowds of people during the high quality races. Since its inception in 2004, the circuit has played host to the MotoGP world championship, the A1 Grand Prix and the V8 Supercar series. Formula One Ferrari driver Michael Schumacher still holds the track record with a time of 1: 32: 238. If you are visiting Shanghai during any Formula One Race especially, then a visit to the Shanghai Grand Prix track is something not to be missed.
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