The 2009 Belmont Stakes

The 2009 Belmont Stakes was the 141st competition of its enter Belmont. The Belmont Stakes may be the third knee from the Triple Crown in equine racing.

Using the Belmont Stakes being the 3rd leg from the Triple Crown you will find benefits and drawbacks. On any provided yr the Belmont Stakes may be the most important competition to occur in every of equine race. After a equine wins the Kentucky Derby, many people are watching that equine in the Preakness. If that same equine manages to earn the Preakness, exhilaration really begins to build in the activity. That leaves one competition to earn before that equine and jockey possess received the elusive Triple Crown. That is why the Belmont Stakes could be therefore big. Everyone floods towards the monitor to start to see the competition when this type of thing occurs at Belmont.

Unfortunately, you will find drawbacks. If the same equine does not earn both from the 1st two races, after that nobody is really as thinking about the Belmont Stakes. Certainly it really is still one of the primary events in race, but there is absolutely no Triple Crown on the line. This is actually the situation the Belmont Stakes was against in ’09 2009. There is no contender for the Triple no Triple Crown contender, the attendance in the competition was 52, 861. This represented a 44% drop in attendance from 2008.

Getting into the contest, news premiered the winner from the Preakness wouldn’t normally be a part of the contest. That remaining Mine That Parrot, the champion of this year’s 2009 Kentucky Derby, as the favourite to earn the Belmont Stakes. The horses that could problem Mine That Parrot included Summer Parrot, Birdstone, Dunkirk, Chocolates Candy, Daring Victory, Flying Personal, Charitable Man, Luv Gov, Miner’s Get away, Mr. Sizzling Stuff and Nowhere TO COVER.

As the competition progressed, three horses actually stood out. These horses had been Summer Parrot, Dunkirk, and the favourite equine, Mine That Parrot. Towards the finish of the competition Summer Bird could put together a difficult, solid operate. This operate allowed him to summarize the competition against Dunkirk and Mine That Parrot, his two rivals. This solid run-down the stretch produced Sumer Bird the champion of this year’s 2009 Belmont Stakes. He received the competition from your 4th Post.

The other two competitors, Dunkirk and Mine That Parrot, continued to duke it out. They battled before end, when Dunkirk were able to earn the consolation of 2nd place over Mine That Parrot. After being the favourite in the competition, Mine That Parrot managed to just end in 3rd put in place the race.

Summer Parrot collected 600,000 dollars of the full total one million buck payout in the competition for being successful. Dunkirk gathered 200,000 dollars and Mine That Parrot received 100,000 dollars for third place. To circular out the very best 5, Charitable Man received 50,000 dollars in 4th place and Luv Gov received fifth put in place this year’s 2009 Belmont Stakes and required house 30,000 dollars. Luv Gov were able to fare that well after having simply 20-1 chances to earn the competition getting into the Belmont Stakes.