Does Rapid Redux Have The Element to Conquer a 22-race Victory

Rapid Redux is pretty much back to the racing front re-launching his claiming races figure to target a 22nd victory and add to his series of consecutive wins in his genre. The last race at Laurel Park witnessed him winning against the record previously held by ‘the great Citation’ for the maximum number of wins in a single season at 19. He also equalled the 19 consecutive wins record by any thoroughbred, earlier owned by Zenyatta and Peppers Pride.

Foaled on February 24th, 2006, this Pleasantly Perfect gelding ran into considerable discourse regarding his consideration for the Eclipse which brought him to the same platform as the refined and more niche thoroughbreds, Zenyatta and Citation. While many believed Rapid Redux’s career primarily comprising of claiming races and allowance tournaments wasn’t one worth the comparison, a significant audience respected and appreciated the feat he accomplished by equalling Zenyatta, Pepper’s Pride and then, Citation.

The gelding who re-wrote history last year with an allowance race at the Laurel Park held for prize money of $17 thousand, ran against a field of five other horses, mainly moderates. Still, the one and one sixteenth of a mile for a 21 race streak is admirable. What many fail to understand is the constant stress his physique is subjected with races one after the other; especially when we pay attention to the trending stamina the new breed of thoroughbred has exhibited. While most retire or end up with a permanent damage following a stressful season, Rapid Redux and his connections are sure in for a party.

Though there were doubts over his possible contentions this year in allowance races as he turned six, there still are a handful of races, trainer David Wells and owner Robert Cole have discovered for the gelding. With his start-up in a day for the season, the racing fans may anticipate a few more participations to add to the winning streak to feast.

Nominated for the Secretariat Vox Populi award along with the three other extraordinary thoroughbreds that made a difference with their racing, Havre de Grace, Uncle Mo and Goldikova, Rapid Redux has quite much made it to the silver lining right here being named along with the top class winners. While it looks like mission accomplished to many already for the rapidity, we might just have a good show from the horse who continues to look in great shape despite his numerous starts and exhausting schedule since December 2010.

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