MLB – Manny Ramirez Should Apologize With Team and Fans, Says Dodgers Owner

Manny Ramirez got involved in a scandal after testing positive on a drug test that he was submitted too. The substance is supposed to be a female fertility drug called HCG, which is banned by the MLB since it is related to steroids. Because of this, last Thursday Manny was banned with a 50 game suspension, leaving teammates and fans really disappointed with the results and with Manny’s attitude towards this situation.

This has had a very negative impact on the Dodgers, which have already lost four of the five games they have played without Ramirez. After Sunday’s loss to San Francisco, the team’s owner Frank McCourt talk to the press and said that he met with Manny the previous day and even though he found him very sorrowful, he expects him to be man enough to apologize to his fans and teammates for the horrible position on which he left the team.

Ramirez did apologize to McCourt, to whom he signed a $45 million contract earlier this year after weeks of hard negotiations; he will loose around $7 million for the suspension and now McCourt feels that he still owes everybody an explanation of what happened. “I’d be lying to say I wasn’t a little angry at first, but it’s nothing a good night’s sleep doesn’t solve. Anger gets you nowhere. It doesn’t solve any problems”. McCourt said. We all make mistakes, and it’s how we deal with those mistakes that really differentiates one from the other. And if Manny does with others what he did with me yesterday, I think we’ll be on the road to full recovery.”

McCourt said that he thinks it will be very healthy for the team and the inner relationships, that Ramirez will explain to them what happened, and to apologize to them directly. He said that it probably will not be something easy to do for Ramirez, but that he must find the correct words to express how he is feeling in this moment. The Dodgers owner considers that if Manny and the team find the proper way to handle the situation, the franchise will not be affected at all. For his part, team’s manager Joe Torre said that Manny is feeling very embarrassed for the whole situation and that is the reason why he hasn’t come out yet to talk to the press.

He also explained that Manny doesn’t think that it is unfair for him, but that he just needs time to overcome what happened since this still a very sensitive matter among the teammates and staff. The franchise and the team itself are very grateful with Manny since he was the one that lead the Dodgers to last year’s playoffs. Ramirez has been a breath of fresh air for the team; with his name and presence, the franchise has been having great earnings on merchandise with his name and popularity.

That’s exactly why these 50 games without him could hit them badly. For this season Ramirez was hitting .348 with six home runs, 20 RBI and 22 Runs leading the Dodgers to a 22-8 record in the season before last Thursday when he was suspended. Less than a week after his suspension, the Dodgers are now 22-12.