London Olympics 2012

Olympic games has always been of interest to the sports lover and hence they look forward for the event eagerly as it happens only once in 4years. This time people are all set for the London Olympics 2012 event.

Olympics is a craze among people and this year Olympics is going to be held in London with participants from all the parts of the world coming there to participate in the sports. After a pretty long time the Olympics is scheduled to be held in London again this year and hence creating a sense of excitement and amusement among people. The preparations for the event has already started as they want it to be a grand success and hence the preparations. This year the Olympics 2012 is going to be filled with a lot of fun and will also be entertaining. The London Olympics 2012 is a place which is all set for the mega event this year. With the best of the sportsmen competing with each other, the pressure of bringing many laurels to their country is on the mind of the sports person hence driving him to give in the best of his performance.

The excitement has already set in as this is not only a platform for the sportsmen to perform but it is also about different people coming together and trying to get connected with each other or share a bond. And the highlight of the London Olympics 2012 is that the participants can show their new talent. This year the Olympics at London will be different and with full of life and enthusiasm and is a platform to explore experience different things and this will get a lot of applaud from the people. People are already excited and are finding the wait too long.

The London’s Olympic opening ceremony is going to be the much awaited one and the Olympic is to be held from the 27th of July year 2012. The opening ceremony goes on to show the world the wonderful direction of the creative director, producer and British filmmaker, Danny Boyle’s spectacular direction and will also take the people through the culture of London. And this would be supported by the performances, sounds from the famous artists performing for the audiences and entertain them throughout.

London’s head of the State will start the show followed by the athletes from all over the world who have come to participate, parade in the Olympics London 2012 according to the alphabetical order starting with the Greece team and ending with the UK. After this Sebestian Coe will give a speech and this is followed by the introduction of Head of the State and the Queen.

Once the Queen declares the Olympic games to be open, the flag is hoisted and then the Olympic Anthem is played. After this there is a pledge which is taken and they are asked to take an oath that they will be fair enough in following the rules and regulations and will abide by it. And after this opening ceremony comes to an end and the athletes carry the Olympic torch and light the Olympic Cauldron. This flame continues till the Olympic games get over. And the much awaited sports event starts.