Ways to Overcome Your Nerves Before The Match

Just before any sporting event it is perfectly normal to be a little nervous; this is especially true if it is your very first game! It is natural to be a little anxious about the impending football game.

Anxiety is natural and is overcome over a period of time, during my first football match I was shaking and sweating. The night before the game I couldn’t sleep a wink, now when it comes to playing my favourite sports it is a breeze. Looking back I cannot really see what all the commotion was about. I’d like to suggest a few tips which help me to focus properly and shake of that pregame anxiety.


Most experienced athletes know their bodies and understand what they are and are not capable of, it is possible your anxiety is caused by concern for the outcome of your football match. Calming yourself down is an important step towards pregame relaxation. Get confortable and take some deep breaths, in and out. Managing your breathing according to sends messages to your brain telling it to calm down and relax; this message is then in turn sent out to your body. Its probably one of the most simple exercises to reduce pre match nerves and your relaxed appearance might even make other team members feel relaxed.


On the pitch there are so many possible distractions to name a couple the crowed, the weather, the opposition. Concentrate on the task in hand and think about the game, worrying about all of the distractions around you will sap vital concentration and energy. Look to win and don’t look back, even when your team is behind by a goal.

Trust your skills

Your on the pitch, or set to play on the pitch – this generally means you have the skills to perform in a good game of football, why else would your mentors and coach have put you forward as an ambassador of your football team? Trust the skills you have gain during training and practice to compete in each and every football game from today and going onwards in to the future.

Be prepared

No matter how much you go through the possible scenarios in your head and making rapid assessments of the way in which you want the game to turn out – this type of preparation can help when planning that winning goal or defensive save.

Zenyatta Running Against Rachel AlexandraThe Match Race that Never Happened Who Wins?

It was the match race that could have been that never was. In 2009, the racing world was hoping to see the eventual Horse of the Year, Rachel Alexandra, face off with the eventual Breeder’s Cup Classic winner Zenyatta.

I would have loved to have seen Smarty Jones face off with Afleet Alex, or Barbaro against Uncle Mo, but those horses did not race at the same time, whereas Rachel and Zenyatta’s racing careers did overlap significantly.

There was much debate in the racing world over who was better, and it would be one of the more intriguing matchups simply because of the two different styles. Rachel Alexandra was a frontrunner and Zenyatta was a closer. If it were agreed that the two were evenly matched on any surface, then common handicapping wisdom usually favors the frontrunner simply because the pacesetter can dictate slower early fractions, ensuring that they have plenty in the tank left in the stretch.

Who was really better? It is difficult to say – Zenyatta on the one hand won 19 out of 20 career races, her only loss being a half length loss in the 2010 Breeder’s Cup Classic to Blame. Rachel Alexandra won 13 of 18 career starts, and finished either first or second in 17 of those 18 starts, her only out of the money finish coming in her first career start at the short distance of 4 – furlongs in May of her two year old season, at time at which many two year olds are just in the early developing stages.

Very few would dispute that the Rachel Alexandra of her four year old season never quite recaptured the magnificent form she displayed as a three year old in which she beat three year old males twice, first in the Preakness and then in the Haskell, and then went on to beat older males in the Grade 1 Woodward.

Zenyatta beat older males only once, and that was in the 2009 Breeder’s Cup Classic at Santa Anita, though she did finish a gallant second in the 2010 Classic as mentioned above. Rachel has five Grade 1 races to her credit; Zenyatta has 13 Grade 1 races under her belt.

The largest margin of victory Zenyatta ever registered was 4 – lengths, which came on dirt in the Grade 1 Apple Blossom Stakes at Oaklawn in 2008. When Rachel Alexandra was on her game, she destroyed the competition, winning races by double digit lengths. In the 2009 Kentucky Oaks, she demolished six rivals by 20 – lengths, and in the Grade 1 Mother Goose later that year, she won by 19 – lengths.

Even as a four year old she had one really brilliant race in winning the Grade 2 Fleur De Lys by 10 – lengths. In Rachel Alexandra’s two races in which she won by about 20 lengths, she was absolutely cruising and under wraps the final 1/8 of a mile. Zenyatta rarely had races like this where the jockey sat motionless on her, never even urging her. Zenyatta often had spectators holding their collective breaths in anticipation whether she would run down the frontrunner by the time they hit the wire.

It should also be noted that Zenyatta won most of her races on the synthetic surfaces of Southern California, though she did win three races on dirt convincingly. It is hard to say what surface she was really better on, especially since she did so well in last year’s Classic on dirt.

My feeling is that since Rachel never raced on synthetic, the edge would have to go to Zenyatta over this surface, even if Rachel were allowed to set her own pace. On dirt, however, I think Rachel Alexandra in her prime was just as good as Zenyatta if not better. She won the Grade 1 Mother Goose at Belmont at 1 1/8 miles in a time of 146 and 1/5 seconds! – Just 4/5 of a second off Secretariat’s track record. Would Zenyatta really have run Rachel Alexandra that day and run 146 flat or below? I doubt it. The Rachel of her three year old season I think would defeat Zenyatta on dirt, but I would give Zenyatta the slight edge over synthetic simply because she is proven over that surface.

By becoming a VIP, you can simulate match races such as these at any distance over any surface type and at any track. Try matching up Zenyatta vs. Rachel Alexandra, or better still, Big Brownon the dirt at 1 mile, or matching them up in a 1 – mile race on the synthetic surface at Santa Anita Park. The possibilities are endless!

Horse racing is a sport of ‘what ifs’ and ‘what could have beens’. All horse racing enthusiasts are always comparing the past against the present champions. Playing them out in virtual races is a big part of what our game offers. What are your thoughts on who would win going the classic distance of 1-1/4 miles at Churchill Downs – Zenyatta or Rachel Alexandra? We would love to hear your comments below.

The Splendid Experience of Watching a Basketball Match in High

So how exactly does it experience to sit in your house relaxed using a may of beer plus some snacks? The type of sense and enjoyment can you obtain watching a thrilling and participating match in hi-def? The answers to these queries are simple. The sensation you obtain sitting relaxed in your own home with some snack foods and drinks before your high definition is indefinable. It really is indefinable because you will need to see it on your own rather than listen to it from another person.

Yesterday, I actually watched the toe nail biting finish between your Washington Wizards as well as the Boston Celtics on my HD Television. The match was amazing as well as the Boston Celtics got the game from the Washington Wizards in the ultimate period. If you’re a Celtics enthusiast, it would are actually one of the better games of the group. The team’s skilled and well-known players do their job properly and proved with their critics and enthusiasts why they are the best. It had been undoubtedly one of the better games from the Celtics, ensuring they climb in the rankings.

For the Washington Wizards, it had been indeed a discontenting performance. In the initial half these were in a position to stand-up against the Celtics, ensuring the game will be a close one. But destiny decided something else. You are able to say that future preferred the Celtics by means of Paul Pierce, the superstar player from the Celtics. Pierce have scored 34 factors and took simply 15 pictures in doing this. It also produced him the topmost participant in the team’s position, defeating his counterpart Bass. His last around 30 minutes showdown using the opposing group gave the overall game a toe nail biting finish.

Never to forget if you’re a Wizard fan, it had been a tough good fortune because they had an excellent chance of earning the overall game, but unfortunately fortune favored the Celtics. John Wall structure, the celebrity player from the Wizards, offered a hardcore competition towards the Pierce and operate for his cash. He obtained 27 points that was one of is own best knock-out factors which season’s best. You might feel unfortunate for him, but Wall structure does not have any qualms in viewing his attempts go waste materials. He stated that the Celtics performed superior to his group, especially Pierce. Becoming one of the better players from the NBA little league and the celebrity player from the group, Wall structure experienced that they could possess included him. The Wizards must have been more intense towards Pierce and attempted to obtain the ball from his hands.

He thought that they weren’t in a position to deal with Pierce and move the ball from him. Wall structure actually praised Pierce and stated that whenever a best participant desires a ball, he’ll get it no matter what and no you can prevent him. The same could be stated about Pierce. Once he was heading, none from the opposition players could end him and contain him. Besides that actually the other associates of Wizard couldn’t chip for the reason that a lot of their contribution in rating points. That may be one reason the Wizards began to lag when the obtained reached 84-83, where in fact the Washington had been 84 as well as the Celtics had been 83 respectively.

Eventually, you could say that the superb and par simply by excellence performance simply by Pierce ensured that his team won the overall game and somewhat pushed the synergy in the ranking spot. For hardcore NBA enthusiasts, you may still find even more exciting and electrifying fits coming up. Be sure to view them in hi-def which exists in most from the deals provided by cable TV companies like Verizon FiOS Offers. So enjoy and also have a stream of a time.