Ferrari Ratifies Faith in Drivers Fernando Alonso And Felipe Massa

Chairman Luca di Montezemolo stated that for next season the Spaniard as well as the Brazilian will be defending the Italian team.

Despite no official press release being made yet, there is no need for one when the Chairman of the team pronounces about a decision as important as who will be the drivers for next year. And this is the case with Ferrari Scuderia where Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has publically ratified Spaniard Fernando Alonso and Brazilian Felipe Massa as the drivers that will continue to represent in the 2012 F1 season.

To backup his decision di Montezemolo explained how much the F1 had evolved since its foundation in 1950, where driver and car represented 50% of the success each, to press time where the engine represents up to 70% of the accomplishments, leaving just 30% of the credit to the drivers.

Under that philosophy he was determined that Alonso as well as Massa always go the extra mile, and a good example of their commitment can be seen in the wonderful reaction that both of them had in the most recent Grand Prix celebrated at Silverstone Circuit: the Spaniard won the race and Massa was fifth.

After a tough early season with their F150-I not in plenty conditions as Red Bull Racing’s RB7 it was being a nightmare for Ferrari to race heat to head against Australian Mark Webber and defending champion German Sebastian Vettel. It was until Silverstone, eight races later, that di Montezemolo felt that their vehicle has equated with Red Bull to start demanding results, and the duo Alonso-Massa didn’t disappoint him.

A happy di Montezemolo stated that the victory arrived in the right moment for the team after all the hard work from the engineers to improve the F150-I. He also brought up the fact that this victory occurred in the same place and month that Ferrari won its first GP in 1951, which makes him very proud about how 60 years later they are still among the best.

About that victory at Silverstone Alonso said that it shouldn’t get them out of focus and that they need to continue thinking one race at a time without paying attention to the standings, where he finds himself in third place with 112 points, 92 behind the solo leader and defending champion Vettel.

For the upcoming German GP Alonso hopes to keep on demonstration the team’s progress like it was seen at Silverstone. He will face this race with the same winning mentally as he did in Great Britain and the boost that a competitiveF150-I gives him.

With the German GP the 2011 F1 season will be reaching its equator on July 24th, and a good result will be a great incentive for Alonso to keep on feeding his title aspirations. Last season he finished in first place with a lot of controversy, after his teammate Massa slowed down on lap 49 of 67 so that Alonso could pass through and win the race.

It sure wasn’t the best early season for Ferrari, but looking back is not allowed until the end, and Alonso knows it well.

MotorRacing Betting News – Alonso wins Singapore Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso emphasized his stature since Singapore’s Knight in shining armor of Night, winning Formulation One’s just night-time Grand Prix just for the second amount of time in three years and creeping nearer to head from the pack Indicate

Webber in the F1 championship rankings.

The Spaniard commandeered his Ferrari towards the chequered banner in intense conditions at the twisty road circuit to edge away the charging Red Half truths team of Sebastian Vettel and Indicate Webber.
The win allowed Alonso to relocate up previous last year’s winner Lewis Hamilton who retired during the competition after a collision with Webber into second place with 191 factors in the Drivers’ Tournament, just eleven points at the rear of leader Webber with 202.

Vettel rests one stage further as well as world champ Jenson Key, who completed fourth, models up the five on 177 points. Merely a 25 factors, the amount granted for a success, separates the very best five.
Inside seconds of taking the chequered flag, Alonso was turning up the emotional warfare with just 4 races left over in the 2010 period.

“It actually was tough. With all the safety car problems as well as the people i was lapping, specifically at the end, it had been difficult, inch Alonso informed reporters.

“We know how tough it is to surpass here therefore i was simply not taking any kind of risks. inch

“We are in a sport where you can not be 100 percent suit and concentrated for all the events, all the several weeks therefore we fall and rise, ” the Spaniard stated. “We may say that at this point, at this point, I actually am in a top, 100 percent motivated. It is great to be at this time now.

“This year seems for me the championship just started therefore i am happy.

“It appears we can compete on any kind of track. Therefore let’s find in the rest of the races. And ‘Forza Ferrari’. ”
Before the race Alonso had graded his likelihood of winning the championship since ’50-50′. “I can earn, or I am unable to win, inch he smiled enigmatically, just before revisiting the theme with yet more statistics.

“We are five drivers, inch he stated, referring to the 2 he distributed Sunday’s podium with in addition McLaren set Hamilton and Jenson Key.

“Around twenty percent possibility all of us. Probably Mark a bit in front, as they is leading.

“It continues to be very restricted. Mark remains first which includes margin, therefore… for the mediocre we need to maintain catching. Without a doubt we is going to do our greatest we all don’t know if this will be all you need. We wish so yet people can be certain we can fight 100 % to the end. “

Alonso’s positive personality betrayed the twice champion’s diplomacy and with a flicker he added: “Anything can occur in these 4 races. Anybody can earn two or three consecutive races.

“Or you have got two or three retirements and you are from the championship. It can depend all of the on these types of four events. Hopefully without mistakes, high concentration, we all keep energy in The japanese. “

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