Flying on The Court

If no basketball, what James’s childhood left were simply the memory about poverty and turbulence. In his third year, LeBron received his first basketball. Gloria and her boyfriend Eddie bought a set of basketball equipment for James. And just in that night, LerBron ‘s grandmother Freda ,who was 42 years old died of heart disease. LeBron spent his childhood in gloom. During that time, he fell in love with Michael Jordan and basketball, and he chose the polo shirt with number 23 for himself. James frequently told people,” It was a terrible childhood, and I could not see if I should smoked in the street corner or returned to the classroom, or even to become a thief… However, when I came to the court, I saw I just need do one thing, basketball!”

Lebron’ small bedroom was full of Jordan’s posters. He dreamed that someday he could grow to 1.98 meters and fly like Jordan on the playground when he was very young. When he went straight to the height of over 1.98 meters 2.03 meters, he was so annoyed. But now, he never cares about this, because he could always fly just like Jordan and accomplish all kinds of unbelievable slam dunk. From him, the world saw the flying coming from Jordan.

Postscript: Would he still be so modest when he comes again? When LeBron James not here, I ended a busy period, and rest for two days. Of course, compared to an interview with Jordan last May, this is simply not really tired. I saw that even standing side by side in the Great Wall together with James still do not look like the excitement of enjoying Jordan’s photos. I see LeBron James belongs to the next generation, belongs to Liu Mingming who is in Grade 1 and Li Jian who is in Grade 2 right now. I still remember clearly that those two young faces showed out surprise from inner hearts. About me, I could only live in the memory about Jordan.

I unexpectedly wonder whether LeBron James will drop in on the Great Wall again if he boards the Grand Champion podium one day or makes a great achievement like Jordan in the future. Whatever I’m doing, I hope to go together at that time. I seem to be eager to know his changes comparing to today-at his side, is there still innocent girl? Will they go a few paces and then have a very close picture together? Will his voice sound so low-profile and condescending? Is there still his group of childhood friends at his side? Will he still always admonish those children to play basketball with the spirit of teamwork?

Anyway, I have accompanied two numbers 23 to climb the Great Wall. This is probably deserved to be proud in my career of a basketball journalist. I’ve been to the Great Wall four times, twice previously are climbing the wild Great Wall of Huanghuacheng with my friends while twice latter are visiting famous scenic spots of the Great Wall like Bada Ling and Juyong Guan. It is said by people all over the world that this Number 23 is the only qualified successor of that Number 23 in NBA before interviewed the 40-year-old Michael Jordan last May and accompanied the 20-year-old LeBron James last Friday. Popularly speaking, he is the only possible long-awaited “Jordan- “People call the former Number 23 “flyer” while the latter Number 23 “little emperor”.

Watching Basketball Matches From Home

The word Basketball conjures up images of speed and precision. It also creates a sense of elation as there is something magical about the game. What started as an indoor game to ward off cold winters, developed into a much sought after game. James Naismith, an aspiring priest, was entrusted the job of coming up with a new game that could be played indoors. This was to prevent kids from venturing out during biting cold winters.

Naismith set out to accomplish the task set to him in all earnestness and gusto. He got inspiration from the game he used to play with his friends which was called “Duck on a Rock”, where one person guarded his duck from a gang that kept pelting stones at it. The duck got replaced with a basket and the rocks with a ball and the first basket ball game ever was played in December 1891. However, even to this day the game follows most of the 13 rules set by the “father” of Basketball. It was a soccer ball that was used originally. Today, we have hi-tech courts and synthetic balls of amazing varieties and with various grades of quality.

The first ever professional league was formed way back in 1898, with 6 teams taking part in the National Basketball League. Six years later the league was disbanded with teams splintering and parting ways. The first professional team to be formed after this was The Original Celtics who lead a nomadic life. They moved from town to town, camping in every small town to challenge the best local team to a match. They could thus be called the fathers of modern basketball and credited with the spread of the game all over the country. Their reign as the strongest team lasted from 1922 to 1928 after which the team got disbanded due to petty quarrels that led to ownership issues.

The American Colleges took over from there and kept the game going with the formation of what was called the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The NCAA was responsible for the creation of United States Championship in 1939. It was in 1946 that the National Basketball Association was founded in New York City. It consists of 30 franchised member clubs, with 29 located in the United States and 1 in Canada. A rival organization calling itself the American Basketball Association was formed and both the prime set-ups were functioning side by side, each trying to outdo the other.

The most popular basketball teams today are the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia 76ers,and San Antonio Spurs to name a few. The most memorable match ever could have been the 2010 NBA all-star game that was held in Cowboys Stadium with a large crowd exceeding 100,000. The ensuing match had the fans in frenzy. There has been an international influence of late, with players from Serbia, Croatia, Lithuania and Germany joining the NBA directly.

Michael Jordan is considered to be one of the best players ever. A thorough professional who is a majority owner of Charlotte Bobcats is a successful entrepreneur with an enviable Net worth of over $500 million and is surpassed by a few millions by another legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson who owns restaurants and real estate businesses. They made it to the top by virtue of endorsements and clever investments made at the right time. Today, fans and viewers alike have the privilege of watching prime matches from the comfort of their homes itself. With programs being aired by popular service providers like Dish TV, missing any of the matches would be one of their least worries.

Enjoy a Perfect Ride on Your Bike!

Bicycling has several benefits associated with it. From helping you stay fit and in shape to keeping the environment clean and green and helping you save on money that is spent in refilling the expensive fuel and gas in other vehicles as well as saving your valuable time in commuting from one place to another. Cycling is an excellent idea in the modern era where environmental concerns and depleting sources of fuel and ever increasing prices of gas are causing concern among governments and people across the globe. While there are many compelling benefits of bicycling, what irritates the bikers most is the regular and frequent need of bike repair and servicing. Those living in and around London are fortunate enough in this regard for there are quite a few good and reliable providers of mobile bike repair services.

One of the most sought-after and experienced mobile bicycle repair services company is BicycleNation that offers its services to all the clients throughout London. No matter where in London your bike is standing still, now all you need to do is give the mobile bike repairman at this company a phone call and narrate the issue with your bike. The serviceman will come at your told location at the earliest to examine and fix or repair the fault in it. Once the mechanic is there, you can leave the bike with him and head for your destination without worrying for the bike. After fixing/ repairing the fault, the serviceman would deliver your bicycle right at your office, home or elsewhere you prefer. The best part is that there is no call out fee applicable if you call them within a radius of 3 miles from East Dulwich.

Depending on the issue in your bike and servicing need, you can ask for basic, advanced or full strip and rebuild as well as various standalone services. The adept and experienced serviceman can be trusted for the expert set up of your newly purchased bike.

What Else to Expect?

Besides bike repair and servicing, BicycleNation also offers an impressive and vast range of cool and trendy bicycle accessories in the UK that could be purchased to add to the style and performance of your bicycle. Whether you are looking for sturdy and branded bike tyres in UK at best prices or cook bicycle accessories in UK, online at their website you will find them all. The website also provides a detailed overview of the various bike repair services they offer.

Get an Inflatable Swimming Pool

Inflatable Pools have great advantages over in-ground swimming pools. For one thing, the cost is just a small fraction of the price of a permanent pool. When you’re not sure how much use your family will get out of a pool, starting out with an inflatable swimming pool is a budget friendly way to decide if a built in pool is worth the hefty addition to the fantastic money savings advantage of an inflatable swimming pool, it’s much more convenient schedule-wise also. Because there is no need to wait weeks for a pool company to begin excavating, you can set your above ground swimming pool up when it’s convenient for your schedule not the pool companies’. And, if you know, you won’t be using your inflatable pool for a month in July while you are on vacation, you can simply deflate it and store it and won’t have any maintenance to be concerned about while you’re away.

An inflatable swimming pool is also an ideal solution for an oddly shaped or smaller backyard because you can simply place the above ground pool wherever it can fit in the best. It can also easily be deflated and stored if you want to have full use of your whole yard for reseeding or a weekend party.

Many of the smaller inflatable swimming pools are also very versatile in that they can be used as a fun ball pit with the addition of a hundred or so brightly colored fun plastic balls. Ball Pits can provide year round fun for kids inside and out; good weather or bad. And, with the smaller size of these inflatable pools, they are also easily portable and can be taken with you for a weekend away from home-maybe to Grandma’s.

Today’s inflatable swimming pools are available in a huge variety of fun designs and sizes and are for kids of all ages to enjoy: from babies to adults. There are wading pools in the shape of a spouting whale, larger pools in a seahorse motif with a rainbow arch shade and slide or a large sized above ground swimming pool that all your family, friends and neighbors can enjoy.

With the warm weather on the way, you’ll want to be prepared to keep the kids (and the whole family) busy and happy. An inflatable swimming pool has many advantages over a traditional, expensive built in pool and it could be just the perfect fit for your family this season.

Successful Title Defense For Barcelona

For third season in a row the Catalonians have clinched the Liga displaying a level of football that has captivated the world.

This season the Liga in Spain didn’t have a passionate ending as the previous one, where Real Madrid and Barcelona battled head to head until the last round to finally have a champion. The record sum of 99 points was needed by them to win what represented their second title in a row. But not having to wait until the last game of the season and reaching 99 points to crown themselves as champions didn’t make of this Liga a less exiting one for it had its remarkable moments also.

What was probably most remarkable and will be the first thing that comes to the mind of football fans worldwide will be the resounding 5-0 with which Barcelona snatched the first place in the standings from Real Madrid on round 13. That was also the breaking point of the Liga because the defending champions held on to that No. 1 to never let go again.

Barcelona didn’t just ruin Real Madrid’s title aspirations, but also an investment of more than 300 million Euros that the Whites have done during the past three years to put an end to the Catalonians hegemony unsuccessfully.

Real Madrid thought that by hiring former Inter coach Jose Mourinho they were going to be able to stop Barcelona, since last season it was Inter who upset the Catalonians at home by eliminating them from the UEFA Champions League semifinals. But their plan backfired.

Far from being a threat for Barcelona, the arrival of Mourinho to Spain became a motivation for the defending champions that were thirsty for revenge. It was something personal between them and the Portuguese coach, it was something that went even beyond the rivalry held with Real Madrid for so many years.

Why was Barcelona’s rivalry with Mourinho greater than the one with Real Madrid? It is greater because of Mourinho’s big mouth. He was always been criticizing Barcelona and questioning how legit their victories were ever since he coached Chelsea, always alluding that they received help from the referees. Their competition wasn’t juts on the field like against the Whites, but on the media as well.

A mentally strong Barcelona accepted the challenge and continued to say true to the style that had awakened the admiration of the entire world: a lot of possession, an ultra offensive scheme and lovely team plays culminating in goals.

The rest is history; Barcelona won its third Liga championship in a row, its sixth title in ten years, which pretty much summarizes the great moment that this team is going through. As if that wasn’t enough this year they also avenged last years’ Champions League elimination by killing two birds with the same stone: A 3-1 victory over the Whites in the semifinals and consequently a victory over Mourinho.

On March 28 they will try to make their present even brighter when they face Manchester United at Wembley for the Champions League final, title that they won two years ago coincidently over the Red Devils themselves.