Geared up For Rugby

Since the inception of rugby in the early 19th century, the game has evolved into a much loved and anticipated sport in many parts of the globe uniting many teams and spectators alike with sportsmanship and enthusiasm. The gruesome nature of the game starts off with running the length of the field to tackling your opponents. Given the rugged nature of the game, the team players are distinguished through their individual teams and their sports attire.

Each country or each county has a particular colour that represents their team while the attire is strictly professional in terms of the game of rugby. Stylishly designed to assist the players with resistance and lightness, these kits are have a high demand. The whole point in having these kits specially designed is to offer rugby players a comfortable feeling whilst playing and not to fidget over uncomfortably tight or largely hanging attire. Not only in the national level rugby arena, but also college level players are given the relevant gear to perform to the best of their ability.

The rugby kit mainly consists of rugby shirts which are also known as rugby jerseys, rugby shorts, socks and boots. While for protection, players are allowed to use equipment such as mouth guards, scrum caps as well as shin guards. With many companies joining the arena of manufacturing performance wear, the demand has risen considerably for high quality and fashionably colourful designs in the field of rugby as well.

In a fast changing world, rugby has definitely influenced fashion as a whole due to the dedicated fan base around the world. Glamorous in a very sporty way, there are numbers of fans that choose to wear sporting gear when their favourite team is playing be it while watching a live match in a crowded stadium or a corner bar enjoying drinks with your friends and family. From large stripped to single coloured jerseys and from short sleeve figure huggers to long sleeve shirts, rugby attire has transformed from the charm and simple to the fashionable and more durable during the past twenty years and will continue to do so.

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