Coaching Youth Soccer Drills – How To Develop Team Spirit

Coaching youth soccer drills and nurturing teamwork spirit is not an easy task for a youth soccer coach. This is something every youth soccer coach should be aware to ensure his success. You must be aware that the game of soccer is a team sport and is ruled by the combination of efforts of all players.

Sometimes the most talented players are used to worry only about themselves and that can harm the harmony of the group and also the success of the team. Such teams and players have a low success rate.

The definition of teamwork starts when each player understands that he is part of a team. This represents that each kid has his own contribution to the team, and all are important in equal parts. Another important aspect to consider is that you should praise the all team when things go well and blame them all too when things go wrong. Teach your team to look at mistakes as a team’s error and not as a Player X or Y mistake. No one is free to make a mistake.

Develop teamwork by getting everyone involved and not by ignoring some kids just because they are shy or do not have good skills. Do a few simple activities that would encourage the team to work together and be involved- though they don’t have to be friends, everyone does need to understand that the team only works when everyone is involved.

Make sure you are aware of some people that may have the intention to break your team’s spirit by making other people’s minds against each other. Make sure you deal with this right away and don’t let it spread like a virus. Make sure you let your players know that they can have a word with you at all time if they need or if they have some concern.

Keep the motivational levels of your team high by letting them create some kind of winning dance or song that they can perform before games. Having team badges or shirts is another great way to kindle the spirit of belonging among your players. If you see your players off the field wearing their team badge or shirt, you can be sure they have plenty of team spirit and are proud of it.

Make sure you are persistent and implement some of these tips when coaching youth soccer drills. If you want discover how you can explode your players’ skills and make training more fun and exciting we highly recommend that you visit The Expert Youth Soccer Coach web site at SoccerDrillsTips . com

How To Influence The Manchester United Team That Sir Alex Ferguson Picks

It is every Manchester United (MU) fan’s dream come true-to be able to pick and choose players for this century-old football club. Every MU fan will have his or her own pet theories and dream line-ups for his or her favorite team. Now, you too have the power to make your dream a reality.

Picking Your Dream Team

The two key factors to be decided on as early as possible include formation and the best possible combination of players. Of course, the team composition should be such that the formation can be adapted according to the on-field necessity-a change to a more aggressive formation or drop back to better defense as the situation demands. Manchester United has traditionally used the 4-4-2 formation, but has also used novel formations like 4-2-3-1 to devastating effect.

Once a formation has been decided upon, the next task is to pick the best players for each of the positions. For this, a working knowledge of the players’ usual positions, strengths, vulnerabilities, and current form is needed, along with an understanding of the necessary qualities for players in each of the position-the defenders, the midfielders, and the forwards.

A detailed list of available players, along with their customary positions and current rankings, can be obtained from the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) site. It becomes simple to build a team using this information.

An easy way would be to see which player is the best in each particular position, according to the rating, and use that list to make the final eleven. However, in this way, the players’ individual strengths, weaknesses, and the ability to work along with the rest of the team are not taken into consideration. In a team game like football, an understanding between the players is crucial. It is mandatory for the players to complement one another to be successful as a team. Again, Manchester United has a lot of experience in sorting out the right combination and compatibility, and this tradition has to be carried over.

In order to ensure that the team plays together as a single unit, the individual attributes of the players should be able to come together in a cohesive whole. This requires reviewing the performance of individual players over the previous few months and assessing the situation where the best in each player was brought out. Obviously, the more effort invested in this step, the better the understanding of the individual temperaments of each player; this helps to build a more balanced team.

Getting Your Vote To Count

The Internet has made it possible for individual fans to let the world know what they as fans wish for the teams they support so loyally and passionately. You can now use sports fans networks to create a page, supporting your dream line-up for the Manchester United. Once your page is up and running, fellow fans will be able to comment and vote on your choices and you on theirs.

With enough votes you may even be able to bring your team to Sir Ferguson’s attention and who knows, next year, Manchester United’s fate may very well rest in the capable hands of their loyal fans.

Coach Youth Soccer: Secrets Revealed

Understand this! To coach youth soccer, it is a challenge to be creative and come up with innovative tips and techniques to train the kids. While teaching soccer, the biggest problem is to keep coming up with new ideas so that the kids are always interested in the game.

Here are some exercises that you can teach youth soccer players. These help them play the game well and have fun at the same time.

Get the kids going with dribbling and shooting: This is a simple drill that involves all the players at the same time. Instruct the players to stand on a single goal line. Now, spread the balls all over the soccer field. Then, ask the kids to go after the balls and move as if they are attacking the opponent goal post. They should also shoot the ball as soon as they have an opportunity.

This exercise does a lot of good to the energy level, and confidence of the players and at the same time perks their dribbling skills. As the players do not have any opposing players, it makes them showcase their personal styles too.

How to pass the ball: Ask the kids to stand in a line at a far-away corner of the field. Count till 3 and as soon as you finish, instruct them to run towards you as fast as they can. When they are running for you, they also have to capture the ball from the other player who has the possession of the ball. When you yell stop, the player in possession of the ball must pass it instantly to one of his mates.

When you coach youth soccer, these games make the kids showcase their best skills in passing and dribbling. They also learn the art of stealing the ball from other players which is very important.

Touch and Go: A game full of fun that kids just love to play it. The kids should get in two lines distant from the goal post which is less than 40 meters away. And in addition to this, the goalie should guard the goalpost. Position yourself anywhere amongst the two lines.

Pass the ball to either of the queue and with only one tap teach them to shoot or pass the ball to another. The objective should be to attack the goal. The goalkeeper must then return the ball and the practice continues.

Swap your goalies in between the practice meetings if there are more than two goalkeepers. This game has the dual benefit of instilling team spirit and bettering the shooting skills. The goalkeeper becomes skilled at protecting the ball from converting to a goal.

Keeping the control of the ball: This exercise allows the players to learn to advance with the ball while retaining its control. Take two players, one acts as the defender and the other attacker. The players should then to told to proceed as per their part and try to get a point every time by leading another player.

These happen to be the simplest methods to coach youth soccer. When you have your kids do these drills, they’ll not only learn but enjoy as well. You can connect to our youth soccer coaching community to get more of these tips and information.

Corinthians Wants to Win The Copa Libertadores Ifor The First Time Ever

The Brazilian striker has announced his retirement once this year is over and would like to do so by winning a title that he never won.

In 100 years of history Corinthians has become one of the most popular teams in Brazil, where they have been able to win five Brasileirao championships, but never the so desired Copa Libertadores de America, a pending issue that the club has with their fans. In its 52nd edition Corinthians will try to put an end to their obsession, which would also grant them a semifinal berth to the 2011 FIFA Club World Cup to be disputed in Japan on December.

This competition was Corinthians main objective last season, which they failed to fulfill, but this year the plan hasn’t change at all and the club will be strictly focused in making their dream come true. But before they can even start the group stage, they have one obstacle that needs to be removed from their way: Deportes Tolima from Colombia. As well as these two teams, 10 more will be competing in the first stage for one of the six tickets at stake for the next round, and it will be decided in a two game series between January 25 and February 3.

Along with Tolima and Corinthians, the other series are: Jaguares (Mexico) against Alianza Lima (Peru), Deportivo Petare (Venezuela) versus Cerro Porteno (Paraguay), Union Espanola (Chile) against Bolivar (Bolivia), Deportivo Quito (Ecuador) versus Independiente (Argentina), and Gremio (Brazil) against Liverpool (Uruguay). The winners will clinch a berth to the second stage which is composed of eight groups with four teams each.

Corinthians will affront this competition without having signed substitutions for the places left vacant in the starting 11 by former captain William in the defense, and Elias in the midfield. William decided to end his career this past season, while Elias was sold to Atletico de Madrid of Spain. The team has already showed signs of their absence with a poor performance in the Campeonato Paulista, where they tied twice and won just one game.

In the past edition with Elias and William on the pitch Corinthians had the best performance in the group stage with a 5-1 record for 16 points. Unfortunately for them those statistics were good for nothing in the knockout stage, where they were eliminated by Flamengo from Brazil by strength of away (no entiendo) goal. The series ended up tied 2-2, and the tiebreak put an end to their hopes of celebrating their centenary with the title.

Despite having a squad that has been playing together for a good period of time, in an International competition renowned reinforcements are necessary, and Corinthians has failed to get them, which make their fans doubtful about their real chances to win their first Copa Libertadores.

With a 4-3-3 scheme and at their home field Pacaembu, Corinthians will try to dissipate the doubts about their performance against Tolima this Wednesday, aware that they not only need to prevent Tolima form scoring due to the strength of away goals in case of a tiebreaker, but also score as many goals as possible to affront their visit to Colombia on February the 2nd with a comfortable advantage.

Corinthians striker Ronaldo has announced that this will be his last shot to win the most prestigious club competition in the continent, and he wants to say goodbye with the cup in his hands.

UEFA Champions League Play-Offs Ready For Second Leg

The winners from each series will make it into the final 32 teams that compose the group stage, which kicks-off September 13-14.

There are only ten tickets at stake for Europe’s finest football club competition, and none of the 20 teams fighting for one want to be left out from it. The 2011-12 UEFA Champions League Playoffs began this week with several surprises, such as Villareal’s 1-0 on the road loss against Odense, which just like the rest of squads that are down in the scoreboard will have to come from behind on leg 2 to claim group stage berth. These decisive games will be disputed August 23-24.

German giants Bayern Munich will travel to Zurich with the tranquility of a two-goal lead, thanks to Schweinsteiger’s and Robben’s goals. The hosts were fully in control of a game that they were going to end without setbacks, as they were able to keep a clean sheet.

Despite defeating Udinese at home 1-0 (Walcott) Arsenal left many doubts that night, doubts that will be present next Wednesday at Friuli stadium. Mentally vulnerable after the departure of their captain Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona, and most likely Samir Nasri to Manchester City, the Gunners have serious problems to overcome.

With just six more minutes to go Virrareal suffered the goal that has them against the rope versus Odense. Andreasen scored the winner goal for the home team that could become one of the surprises of the competition if able to defend their lead at Madrigal Stadium next Tuesday.

Stunned 3-1 at home by Viktoria Plzen, Copenhagen will have to row against the tide on Wednesday in Czech Republic. Kolar, Pilar and Fillo scored for the visitors’ and Ottensen the discount for the hosts that last season reached the knock out stage of the competition.

Lyon did make the best from the home field advantage, and overcame an early goal from Rubin Kazan (Dyadyun at minute 3) with three from Gomis, Kvirkvelia and Briad in the 3-1 win. This two goal lead place the Frenchmen with one foot in the group stage, but they can’t relax for Wednesday’s game at Russia promises to be a very tough one.

An exciting game was lived at the Netherlands between Twente and Benfica, which ended up tied to 2. De Jong gave the visitors the lead early in the game, until Cardozo leveled the score momentarily for The Tukkers, but then Nolito putted things 2-1 for the Portuguese squad, result with which they went to halftime. And with ten minutes to go Ruiz kept Twente’s group stage aspirations alive by scoring the definite 2-2. Next game will be Wednesday.

In other results Dinamo Zagreb imposed themselves a home 4-1 over Malmo, results that allows them to travel to Sweden for Tuesday’s game with their group stage berth pretty much secured. Wisla will have a tough visit to Cyprus, since they defeated APOEL by 1-0. The s ame goes for Israel’s M. Haifa that will travel with the minimum difference to Belguim, where Genk will try to overcome the 2-1 Leg 1 loss on Tuesday. And on Wednesday BATE and Sturm Graz will be breaking the 1-1 tie with which Leg 1 ended.

The group stage kick-off September 13-14 with the defending champions Barcelona as the team to beat.