2011 F1 Season Resumes This Weekend at Belgium

Anxiety grows in McLaren as tAhey want to start reducing distances with Red Bull Racing, and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps gives them good sensations about it.

It sure won’t be a smooth ride for Red Bull Racing this second half of the season, for their rivals’ cars have evolved to a point where their RB6 is no longer a break point. A strong attack to their leadership is expected for the upcoming Belgium Gran Prix, with which the season will resume on Sunday 28th after a three-week break.

If last season Lewis Hamilton was anxious to win this classic race for the first time ever, which he ended up doing, this year he is anxious to ride again through the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, as he is seduced by its curves and the sensation of ridding to the limit. No wonder why the 26-year-old British driver from McLaren describes it as one of his favorite circuits.

Confident in the good results achieved by his team in the last two races -with a victory from him at Germany followed by another one from his teammate and countryman Jenson Button in Hungary- Hamilton ‘s expectations for Belgium are atop to begin shortening 88-point distances with the solo leader of the competition: Sebastian Vettel from Red Bull Racing.

As far as the weather concerns at Spa drivers will find very similar conditions as the ones experienced at Hungaroring, which is humid in some passages of the race and dry in others. Pirelli already announced what tire compounds will be available for that race: medium and soft. They think of them as the best suited to the characteristics of the racetrack, and based on them, McLaren will build part of their strategy.

Button believes that they learned a lot about the medium tires from their experience at the European Grand Prix, which has been translated into improvement. Although he hasn’t been able to complete any of the past two races disputed in Belgium, the 31-year old former world champion hopes to run with better luck this time, claiming that their MP4-26 is in optimum conditions for the race.

McLaren’s objective for the race is clear: not giving up the pressure on Red Bull in the eight races that are left. If they can find an ally in Fernando Alonso from Ferrari, who has the same goal, just maybe they can put the energy drink squad in trouble.

Truth is that after six victories in 11 races Vettel no longer needs to finish in first place to clinch his second F1 title in a row. Last year he became the youngest driver (23-years-old) to win the World Drivers’ Champioship with only five victories and 256 points. This season he currently has only 22 less and a fourth place is his worst result of the year makes it pretty evident that his rivals will be racing this second half of the season for nothing more than pride.

Mathematically there are still options for Alonso, Hamilton and Button to come from behind and give us a thrilling ending, but we can’t forget about Vettel’s teammate Mark Webber, the Australian driver who comes in second place with 149 and will be one more obstacle on their way.

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Ferrari Ratifies Faith in Drivers Fernando Alonso And Felipe Massa

Chairman Luca di Montezemolo stated that for next season the Spaniard as well as the Brazilian will be defending the Italian team.

Despite no official press release being made yet, there is no need for one when the Chairman of the team pronounces about a decision as important as who will be the drivers for next year. And this is the case with Ferrari Scuderia where Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has publically ratified Spaniard Fernando Alonso and Brazilian Felipe Massa as the drivers that will continue to represent in the 2012 F1 season.

To backup his decision di Montezemolo explained how much the F1 had evolved since its foundation in 1950, where driver and car represented 50% of the success each, to press time where the engine represents up to 70% of the accomplishments, leaving just 30% of the credit to the drivers.

Under that philosophy he was determined that Alonso as well as Massa always go the extra mile, and a good example of their commitment can be seen in the wonderful reaction that both of them had in the most recent Grand Prix celebrated at Silverstone Circuit: the Spaniard won the race and Massa was fifth.

After a tough early season with their F150-I not in plenty conditions as Red Bull Racing’s RB7 it was being a nightmare for Ferrari to race heat to head against Australian Mark Webber and defending champion German Sebastian Vettel. It was until Silverstone, eight races later, that di Montezemolo felt that their vehicle has equated with Red Bull to start demanding results, and the duo Alonso-Massa didn’t disappoint him.

A happy di Montezemolo stated that the victory arrived in the right moment for the team after all the hard work from the engineers to improve the F150-I. He also brought up the fact that this victory occurred in the same place and month that Ferrari won its first GP in 1951, which makes him very proud about how 60 years later they are still among the best.

About that victory at Silverstone Alonso said that it shouldn’t get them out of focus and that they need to continue thinking one race at a time without paying attention to the standings, where he finds himself in third place with 112 points, 92 behind the solo leader and defending champion Vettel.

For the upcoming German GP Alonso hopes to keep on demonstration the team’s progress like it was seen at Silverstone. He will face this race with the same winning mentally as he did in Great Britain and the boost that a competitiveF150-I gives him.

With the German GP the 2011 F1 season will be reaching its equator on July 24th, and a good result will be a great incentive for Alonso to keep on feeding his title aspirations. Last season he finished in first place with a lot of controversy, after his teammate Massa slowed down on lap 49 of 67 so that Alonso could pass through and win the race.

It sure wasn’t the best early season for Ferrari, but looking back is not allowed until the end, and Alonso knows it well.

Go Karting Tips – Getting Off to a Good Start

Beginning a go karting race in the right way is vital. Sometimes all the overtaking in the world won’t be enough to make up for a really terrible start. A good first lap can be the key to a podium finish, so here’s some advice on making this happen.


Firstly, you need to adopt a positive frame of mind. Starting a race can be nerve racking for new drivers who might not know what to expect, but also for experience racers who understand the importance of getting away quickly. You need to learn to use nerves to your advantage; getting your adrenaline pumping can help you make the decisions that can mean the difference between a good start and getting stuck in the middle of the field.


Imagining how your first lap might unfold is a useful tactic. Your position on the starting grid will probably be determined by qualifying times taken on practice laps prior to the main race. This will give you an indication of the challenge you’ll be facing. If you’re stuck near the back you might want to make a plan to get into the middle of the field by the end of lap one, whereas if you’re starting in first place you’ll want to safely maintain this position without taking any risks.


It might sound like a cliche, but practice makes perfect. If you’ve been putting plenty of time into training, you’ll notice a marked improvement in your average lap times. However, replicating the conditions of a real race in practice is quite difficult. A solution to this is to invite some friends down to your local indoor race track and have a series of short races to get used to the sort of quick decisions you need to make when the green lights flash. This will also help you get used to feeling comfortable and relaxed in your go kart despite the stress of the frantic starting grid.

Rolling laps

Often karting races begin with a rolling lap, where drivers complete an averagely paced lap before the proper contest begins. You can’t overtake your competitors on a rolling lap, but it’s important to stick as close as you can to the kart in front. Don’t worry about exchanging a few bumps, just focus on being ready to put your plan into action. This will also put you in a great position to push on and accelerate as soon as the full race gets underway. Stepping on the gas straight away is really important and as long as you’re already close to the kart in front you won’t be in any danger of causing a collision.

Formula 1- Schumacher Signs New Deal With Team Mercedes

Mercedes General Practitioner and also Schumacher himself have actually specified that they desire extension on the procedure they are going to begin for following period, so the offer could prolong to a 3 years. The offer with Schumacher has actually currently ensured Mercedes to have a leading group for following period. Schumacher approved the offer since it will certainly make him function once more with his lengthy time close friend (as well as currently Mercedes group principal) Ross Brawn.

Mercedes General Practitioner as well as Schumacher himself have actually mentioned that they desire extension on the procedure they are going to begin for following period, so the bargain could expand to a 3 years. The bargain with Schumacher has actually currently ensured Mercedes to have a leading group for following period. Schumacher approved the bargain due to the fact that it will certainly make him function once again with his lengthy time buddy (as well as currently Mercedes group principal) Ross Brawn. Schumacher has actually likewise shared that he really felt really thankful with Mercedes with all of these years.