Championship Series And Ryan is Ahead of Stewart by Five Points

The 2011 Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship will enter in its next round this weekend at the Oak-Alameda City Stadium – Oakland, CA. The round is expected be a great adventure as the third round of the season ended with the victory of Monster Energy Kawasaki racer but the win was not without controversy. A tough battle that took place between Monster Energy Kawasaki’s Ryan Villopoto and San Manuel Yamaha’s James Stewart and ended at the victory of RV. This is RV’s second victory of the season that he earned in the inaugural Monster Energy AMA Supercross held on January 22 at the Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, CA.

This is the early start of the Championship series and Ryan is ahead of Stewart by five points. The January 22 was a nightmare for Yamaha’s racer as he lost a round that he had almost won. After the first eight lead laps, James crashed on the ground and this crash awarded victory to RV. Stewart’s post race comments showed his regret for tasting dust and he hopes not to repeat those mistakes in following events. Rockstar Makita Suzuki’s Ryan Dungey, defending 2010 champion stands at the third position.

The Monster Energy Supercross Kawasaki Team victory has sent a wave of excitement to its sponsor, Traxxas, a leading Radio Control company who is also offering a Kawasaki KX- 450F bike to a lucky attendant of every Monster Energy Supercross event. The third round of the series was also special as it was played at the Dodger Stadium, a venue where Pope had also made an appearance.

The upcoming round of the championship will kick start on Saturday, January 29th at 7 pm that is the fourth race of the 17-race series. The fifth round of the Monster Energy Supercross Championship will be held at the Angel Stadium – Anaheim, CA on Saturday, February 5, 2011 and Monster Energy Kawasaki and Ryan Villopoto have decided to go pink to spread Breast Cancer Awareness.

Monster Energy is now also an official sponsor of the British Supercross Championship and the beverage company will sponsor two find rounds of the British series at the O2 Arena in London on February 5th and Liverpool Echo Arena on February 19th. Monster Energy British Supercross Championship is now being sponsored on the various WebPages of the Monster Energy’s website and their cheer girls will also be there to energize the riders. Monster Energy will also distribute free sample of Monster Energy beverages at the London venue.

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Wenger Insisted – Van Persie Will Stay at Arsenal

When will Robin Van Persie renew the contract? It is the issue that the Arsenal fans are concern about most. Van Persie’s contract with Arsenal will be expire 12 months later. Wenger had intended to finalize the renewal of the Gunners captain before the European Cup, but Van Persie left Arsenal to join with the Dutch national team and did not reach agreement with the club. After this summer, it is a question whether he will remain at the Emirates Stadium, but the coach Wenger insisted that Van Persie will continue to wear the Arsenal shirts.

The new premiership champion Manchester City has long-standing preference for the top scorer of English Premier League. But Robin Van Persie’s father has made it clear that it is impossible for the Dutch striker to join any rivals of Arsenal in Premier League. There also were reports saying that Serie A champion Juventus also wants to introduce Robin Van Persie, but Wenger does not expect him to join Italy. “He will stay at Arsenal,” in an interview with Italian “La Repubblica” Wenger said: “A championship-level player as well as a top scorer will not have reasons to transfer to Serie A, whether according to the impact of the league, the level of the competition or the economic income.” In the interview with Italy Corriere Dello Sport, Wenger said: “I am sure that Robin Van Persie will be together with us. If you ask me why, I am so sure that there is no reason for the players such as Van Persie to play for Serie A. Serie A is not at the same level as Premier.”

According to the schedule, Arsenal before the nest season will go to Malaysia, Beijing and Hong Kong to prepare for warming up. The Dutch national team was out unexpectedly and Robin Van Persie will join the summer tour games with his teammates. According to the British “Daily Mail”, Robin Van Persie will join the team in the early July and start to make prepare before the season. On July 24, Arsenal will have a game with the local team in Malaysia and on July they will go to Beijing to have the Premiership Football Challenge game of Temple Cup with Manchester City. As fans of Arsenal, we greatly hope that Van Persie will appear in front of the Arsenal fans wearing the Arsenal football shirts.

Baseball Tips On Hitting–The Movement of Your Head is Critical!

It is very important to make sure your head is turned and facing the pitcher to ensure that you get a good view of the pitch that will soon follow. Your head should be totally relaxed and pretend that you are simply watching TV. A very good point of focus is the pitcher’s cap because it’s approximately the same height as where the pitch will be released from. The advantage is that your eyes will not have to refocus on the baseball and will be focused already.

What you do when the pitch is released is very important for being a successful baseball hitter. If your head remains turned toward the pitcher at the point of contact, you will be seeing the ball out of the corners of your eyes and this must be avoided. It will not work. If your head is facing half way between the pitcher and the point of contact, you will see the ball a little better. One of the most important baseball tips on hitting is that if you turn your head directly toward the point of contact, you will get the best possible look at the baseball and this is what you must do. It’s simply a medical fact that you can’t see an object as well when looking at it out of the corners of your it’s a medical fact, imagine the importance when trying to see a baseball that takes less than a second to get to the catcher’s mitt, may have movement on it and you have to decide if it’s a ball or a strike! And all this happens in less than one second so you need to see the baseball as clearly as possible.

To prove my point, here is what a fabulous professional hitting instructor once did. He was very much into still photography and he took photos of every swing in a professional all-star game. In every situation where a hitter made contact, their head turned to the point of contact! Every time. This is a fabulous hitting instructor and it was a professional all-star game. Some of the finest hitters in the world and every one of them turned their heads. On that note alone, I rest my case. When it comes to baseball tips on hitting, it is mandatory that you turn your head toward the point of contact if you want to be a successful baseball hitter. This is not a debatable issue and must be done!

Extreme Tents For The Camping Enthusiast

When you’re a serious camper there’s probably some hiking involved and some serious planning on the gear you purchase, the places you visit, as well as the overall attitude you have towards the outdoors. With all this in mind, at imagineoutdoor we are reviewing the best of the best to help you make an informed decision concerning your tent purchase. When extreme camping is involved in your itinerary, there are several factors to consider when purchasing a home away from home. The Tent of all Tents, for Extremists is the 2-METER DOME from the NORTH FACE, with room for eight. This tent is made from Heavy duty Oxford Nylon, Easton Aluminum Poles and a Heavy Duty Stitch that won’t give up. When you’re searching for a Base camp, this is the tent for you; the two exterior windows and a chimney vent are really cool features as well.

Another Extreme Tent for Mountaineers is the DOME 8, a super-duper cool tent from the North Face. Interior features include, a hanging High-low venting system with mesh screens and an internal zip closure canopy, as well as some storage areas that are contained inside around the Dome, with three accessible double doors. The outside of the DOME, sports External snow flaps at base, a color-coded canopy attachment, Removable vestibule that clips into place, as well as many other great features.

A great two man tent is the MOUNTAIN 25, an extreme piece of equipment, just smaller and shaped differently, with some unique characteristics, no one else can match. For instance, at only 8.8 ounces this tent can be easily transported, without giving up any great features or functionality. Some of these include, an 8 Square foot Vestibule area, polyester rip-stop coated canopy, Nylon taffeta floor, Kevlar- guy lines with camming adjuster, Glow in the dark zip pulls.

When it comes to tents, and getting the most from your outdoor adventure, we believe that you can’t sacrifice quality, when your life is on the line, as well as the pleasant experience you long for. These are some of the many tents we have available, from THE NORTH FACE, but there are many more to choose from. Whether you’re on an expedition, or just trekking around with some friends, for some good honest fun, consider a purchase of quality that will last for years to come; who knows maybe even your kids will enjoy the quality years from now.

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