Watch Final Four In Scottsdale

For residents and visitors of Scottsdale, make sure to get out and get involved in this year’s March Madness. March Madness is really heating up and watching the excitement with like minded sports fans always enhances the enjoyment. Here are just a few of the hot spots where you can go to share the thrill of the season.

Four Peaks Brewery : This is a terrific experience for beer enthusiasts and sports fans alike. Four Peaks takes pride in their on-site brewery, which has produced a number of award winning brews since they opened their doors. Four Peaks has two locations, a fun and historic environment, relaxed atmosphere and tasty food. It’s a good choice for watching the final four excitement while sampling some of the most unique and enjoyable brews. 15730 N. Pima Rd., Scottsdale.

Zipps Sports Grille: With various Valley locations – and each one differing as to its favorite pick, no matter where you go they still offer the same delicious homemade menu and large selection of your favorite libations served by a very friendly crew. You can watch the game on H.D. flat screen TV’s, or play a game of pool or shuffleboard in your Neighborhood Sports Grill. Remember to bring your friends along or if you like, make new ones at a Zipps location near you. Check their website for the various locations.

Blue 32: Here’s another place where you can enjoy your favorite team on one of their 28 flat screen hi-def televisions. Relax and enjoy a tasty burger or some spicy wings. The friendly staff there prides themselves on preparing quality food and ensuring that their visitors have a fantastic dining experience. 7293 N. Scottsdale Rd., Scottsdale.

Arcadia Tavern: Even though it’s only been open for about two years, Arcadia Tavern can host March Madness like any of the more seasoned taverns. The bar has twenty-four, 50-inch flat screen TVs surrounding it. The all day special on Saturday, is bottled beer for half price. They serve delicious wings which you can order in a number of ways: tavern-style, with cayenne pepper sauce, with sweet citrus teriyaki or with southwest honey chipotle. By the way, if you can’t find a babysitter just bring the kids with you. There are Xbox and Wii stations set up to keep the wee one entertained so the grown-ups can unwind. 4801 E. Indian School Rd., Phoenix.

The Inspiration We Got From Climbing Hills in Our School

One Sunday, I walked on the park lonely and saw people enjoy the happy hours with their friends or families, I suddenly feel lonely. I thought I had lived alone for quite a long time. I have graduated from university for almost one year, but I still miss my college friends and roommates. The thing impressed me most is the first time I climbed the hill with my roommates.

Our school is built near the hill, which is joined with famous scenic spot. Sometimes, if students do not want to pay the tickets, they often climb the hill in our school and go directly to the scenic spot.

It was also a Sunday in May, and we were so free and decided to climb the hill together. After breakfast, we made full preparation including water, foods, camera and so on in our bags. As freshmen, we did not know where to start climbing and where was the road. It seemed that there was no direct road to the top, so we have to climb up through forests in the hill. The hill was so steep that we had to grasp the branches of trees and big rock to move steps one by one. One of roommates was scared and decided to give up. We encouraged her and said:”Come on! There are only a few steps to enjoy the beautiful scenery.” Then we were hand in hand to conquer this steep hill.

When we arrived at the top, we were amazed to find that the there was a long corridor and beautiful stone beach on the top. It was flat and some people do morning exercise on it. Obviously, this hill had been developed. We sat on the beach to have a rest and looked down to see the scenery. The whole city seemed to be under our feet, and people below were really as small as ants. Some people on the top told us that our school had mended a road for people to go directly to the top. So, it was very comfortable to go up and down. Residents around our school preferred to climb hills every morning and do exercise here.

We were shocked when we heard the news. Since there were repaired road, why did we have to climb along the steep hill? We looked at each other and smiled. The process itself was what we sought for. If we just walk along the roads simply, we could not enjoy the happiness of reaching top.

So Far it is Being a Smooth Ride For Vettel in His Title Defense Season

After six Grand Prix races Red Bull’s driver has opened a 58-point gap from his closer contender McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton.

The best driver in the best car can only lead to what is going on in the 2011 Formula 1 season: Red Bull Racing Sebastian Vettel as the leader of the championship with a comfortable advantage of 58 points over Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Lewis Hamilton (143 and 85 respectively), who comes in second. His title defense has been a smooth ride so far in the year where he has won five out of the six races disputed. Not even the new rules established for this season such as the Pirelli tires that wear out faster, or the KERS units, neither the Drag Reduction System have been an obstacle for him to impose his rhythm, which is obviously at a higher pace than the rest.

If it wouldn’t have been for a technical issue experienced during the Chinese Grand Prix, where he finished in second place, Vettel would have an astonishing perfect record this season. Unfortunately for him, his radio suffered some malfunctioning in the final laps. Unable to communicative with his team Vettel accused poor tire management and ended up losing the first place to Hamilton.

After demonstrating a strong mentality last season by turning into the youngest driver ever to win the World Drivers’ Championship -with an epic ending in the last race of the season disputed in Abu Dhabi Vettel is making of this 2011 his consolidation year.

Despite this, it is too early to anticipate his second championship in a row, for there are still 13 races to go, that could end up being 14 if on June 3 the F1 pronounces in favor of rescheduling The Bahrain Grand Prix, which was supposed to kick off the season on March 13. The political conflict that has been shaking the Middle East this year was the reason for the race to be postponed, and that could also cause it to be eliminated from the calendar.

What is not soon to say is that if teams called to fight for the title due to their history -and by that we refer to Ferrari and McLaren- don’t see an evolution in their cars, it is going to be impossible for them to compete head to head with Red Bull. Drivers like Alonso and Hamilton are as skilled as Vettel, but their cars are not in the same conditions as of press time.

Up next is the Canadian Grand Prix, which will be held on June 13. During its last edition Hamilton was the fastest driver on the Gilles-Villeneuve Circuit at Montreal, and it represent his second victory in this racetrack after first place in 2007. A third victory from him combined with Vettel being forced to abandon the race is one equation that could bring more excitement to the season, for it would allow Hamilton to reduced distances with him to only 33 points.

What we want to emphasize here is how the scenario could change for Vettel if he is unable to finish just one race. This championship is far from over and the best is still to come.

Negative Factors Affecting Paragliding Flight

There are times when a supposedly wonderful experience turns into a disaster because of numerous factors so for activities that are supposed to offer the best fun and enjoyment like paragliding, nothing can be better than to make sure that you will be able to avoid the odds that will only get in the way of the extreme excitement that it can bring.

Paragliding is a sport that will guarantee superb satisfaction and accomplishment. There is no doubt that it is one sport that can guarantee fulfillment but certainly, along with that it will also be important to keep in mind that its effects will only be possible if you will be able to overcome the negative aspects that may get in the way.

Some of the factors that you should overcome before engaging on the paragliding adventure are as follows:

Negativity: this is one of the factors that will make paragliding more difficult. Negative attitude will never help make paragliding simple so as much as possible, you have to stay away from negative thoughts and maintain a positive outlook to enjoy paragliding more while staying aware of the basic requirements of the paragliding adventure.

Complacency: becoming too confident should never be practiced whether you are a beginner or a pro. Complacency can become the reason for you to overlook the necessary preparations and disregard important paraglider equipment like Sol harnesses and safety helmet that can spare you from the troubles once you are already up in the air.

Intake of stimulants: There are ingredients that will hype you up for the adventure but this may become the reason for you to lose control so as much as possible, stimulants like energy drinks should be reserved after the paragliding adventure is already over.

You will surely find paragliding a lot more exciting if you will be able to overcome the negative aspects that will only make the adventure more difficult. Deal with these negative factors and make sure that it will be out of your way before even engaging yourself to try what paragliding has in store for you. For sure, by making it a point to avoid these odds you will find more reason to enjoy and delight at the extremeness of the adventure.

How to Pick Your First Climbing Shoes?

Rock climbing is one of the most satisfying and liberating sports you can undertake. The feeling you have as you hike out to a rock-face, in the midst of beautiful countryside, belt up and tackle a difficult climb has few equals. As with many physical activities, picking the right gear is essential. Anybody who has ever been hiking will know that a bad pair of boots can be the difference between a good walk and one that’s tainted with discomfort and misery. The same is true of rock climbing.

This little guide details the different parts of a rock-climbing shoe, a few of the different types available on the market and then offers some tips on picking the best-fit solution for your current situation.

The base of a shoe consists of the sole and the rand. The sole is the bottom part of the shoe and the rand is the thick rubber layer that runs around the perimeter just above the sole, and is usually about an inch in width. The toe area of the rand will be used for “hooking” onto outcrops and nooks.

The tongue is the flap beneath the laces and extends to the very bottom of your shin. When laced up, the tongue should naturally mould itself to the top of your foot and the bottom of the shin. There shouldn’t be any uncomfortable pressure in any area. All climbing shoes will also have padding to give extra comfort to your feet. Choose a shoe that has a breathable, snug inner-lining without sacrificing comfort. Climbing shoes can either be lace-up or utilize a “slipper” design. There’s little difference in performance between the two so it’s usually best to go with the most comfortable option.

Now you know the particular features of a climbing shoe, how do you go about buying the right pair? Shoes are often tailored specifically for a certain style of climbing. If you’re beginning, be aware of the kind of style that you’re actually learning. If you’re only planning on doing some light bouldering, for example, you won’t need a shoe that’s as aggressive and uncomfortable as one required for intensive sport climbing. Make sure you do some research on the kind of features that will best suit your style.

Comfort will be the most important factor in choosing a beginning pair of shoes. Those designed for greater sensitivity and control will be required for later, more intensive climbs. Your feet will be in a curved position inside the shoe and those that actively increase this curve tend to give more power to the climber. Without sacrificing comfort, the shoe should be tight around your foot with no specific pressure points that induce pain. Finally, disregard the size numbers. They vary from country to country and rarely accurately represent individual sizes.

As a final point, I would personally suggest you do some further research into the Evolv Pontas and the La Sportiva Mantis. Both are well-priced good all-round shoes and will be perfect for beginning climbers. Good luck and happy climbing!