What Are the Supposed Benefits of Boxing Ring Canvas

One thing that is common in all boxing rings is the ubiquitous boxer and everything else the boxer needs to compete in the sports or train. Boxing ring canvases are common in boxing rings. These are durable, easy to clean and manage vinyl or similar synthetic materials. Boxing rings see a lot of action and often get soiled with boxer dripping sweat, water and sometimes blood on the floor of the ring. Continued soiling of the floor can convert the ring floor into a Petri dish of harmful germs. To prevent the boxing ring floor from becoming dirty, professional boxers prefer covering the floors with industry approved boxing ring canvas.

The Problems of Placing Mats and Covers

The sport of boxing requires the boxer to be alert and agile constantly moving all over the ring, with an eye always on the opponent’s moves. As such, the boxer cannot be distracted with the issue of a slippery floor underneath. Traditional mats and floor covers are notorious for being slippery, which can become a potential safety hazard for the boxer; therefore, we do not recommend the use of cheap covers.

Another issue that a boxer might have to handle with low quality risks of tearing open the cover with their sharp grip boxing boots. Boxing boots are made to provide good stability and grip on the surface and to that end; boxing boot makers install sharp parts under the sole of the boot. When the boxer juggles around the ring he turns and twists with amazing alacrity and speed, which can be too much for a low quality, cheap ring canvas to withstand. Ruptures might occur on the surface and pose tripping hazards for the sportsmen.

The third and final problem with laying mat covers on the ring floor is that these do not drain easily. Meaning, it will take time for all the sweat, water and blood to clean off the surface entirely. That would mean a time gap of about 10 to 15 minutes between every match.

How High Quality Professional Grade Boxing Ring Canvas Solves the Problem

A good quality canvas solves all these problems in one sweep. First, these use high grade synthetic materials like vinyl as the construction material. So there are no risks of boxers breaking open the surface with their sharp soled boots. Second, custom canvas covers are sold with rivets and fastening hooks which can be used to pin the cover down in place, providing complete safety to the players sparing on it. Lastly, vinyl is good at expelling liquid very efficiently, thereby keeping the playing surface ever ready for action.

The application of Boxing ring canvases are not just limited to within the ring, it can be used on any surface to create makeshift boxing rings. However care must be taken that the surface is adequately cushioned to protect the players from receiving fall related injuries.

Hard Core Bodybuilding- Top Three Mass Gaining Secrets

For the young man or woman with a fast metabolism things can be frustrating.

They eat and eat and yet they cannot seem to gain a pound.

With this thought in mind, below I am going to give you three of my best mass gaining tips.

Without further delay–here we go!


I know this sounds funny, because people that are naturally skinny will almost always say that they eat and eat.

But here is the thing.

Most of them really do not.

Sure they feel like they are eating all the time or that they are eating a lot–because they feel full all the time–because they have no appetite.

But when you question them–it turns out that they really only eat maybe two meals a day.

And for someone who is a teenager and is training hard–two meals a day is simply not going to cut it.


This tips flows in with the one above–and it works for people who THINK they are eating a lot–and for people who actually ARE eating a lot and yet still cannot gain weight.

Think of it this way, if you really have no appetite, which would you rather do, eat a plate full of chicken breasts or drink a protein shake.

I know I would rather drink the protein shake.

Take a high quality mixed blend protein powder–a mixed blend is simply a blend of various kinds of protein like whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and say micellar casein.

Using this as your base you can blend in a banana, natural peanut butter or even yogurt.


If you are like me and do not like to add things to your protein powders do this instead.

Buy three of four good quality shakers and fill each of them with a scoop or two of your protein powder of choice.

Then never be without one of these shakers.

This way wherever you are all you need is water and you are good to go.


My last point is a very simple one–yet one that often gets over looked.

If you are hitting it hard in the gym and looking to gain muscular body weight.

Never allow yourself to be hungry.

Yes, it will take some planning–but hey if you really want to gain weight–then you must be prepared to make sacrifices.



One more point.

Remember this, even though you are trying to gain weight–keep the junk and fast food to a minimum.

Think about this way, the better you eat, the better you will feel, and the better you feel the harder you will be able to train.

Sure you can have an occasional junk food meal–but try and keep it down to say once a week or so.


Yes, gaining muscular body weight can be tough–but with a little planning–it can be done.

So if you are having a hard time putting on some muscular weight, give the above tips a try.

If you do–a bigger more muscular you could just be the result.


Peter DeGeorge of the Palmyra Panthers in Fall of 2011

The Palmyra Panthers are about to unleash the talent of Peter DeGeorge. At 5’9″ and 164 pounds, Peter DeGeorge is fierce competition. He has spent the off season perfecting his skills as a Quarterback and Linebacker. He’s been in intense training with hard work outs in the weight room and agility training. Peter DeGeorge is a man of many talents. Not only can he throw the ball with incredible accuracy, he can kick like a star soccer player. Peter DeGeorge is going to take a team that was 7-3 last year to a perfect 2011 season.

Peter DeGeorge will surely be rewarded for the hard work and long hours that he has been putting in throughout the winter months. Last year Peter DeGeorge gave a little taste of his talents as a sophomore on a very experienced Palmyra team, but this year Peter DeGeorge is prepared to have more playing time and to make the big plays when it counts. The opponents of Peter DeGeorge and the Palmyra Panthers had better get prepared because they will not know what hits them when Peter’s true talent is unleashed and he reaches his full potential.

Peter DeGeorge has versatility as a player that is truly a rare find. He is quick on his feet and thinks even quicker under pressure. Nothing seems to rattle this young player. Peter DeGeorge is a leader on his team and is leading his peers to work harder as well. He has seemed to develop a sense of confidence and poise in each of his positions. Peter’s strength and determination are unmatched. Look for number 8 to be sparking interest from recruiters around the country when he steps on to the field this season. Currently ranked in the top 300 players in the state, Peter DeGeorge is surely to break through into the top 100 by the end of 2011.

Peter DeGeorge is a football player that any coach would be honored to have as a part of their team. His winning attitude and work ethic, in addition to his exceptional talent, will make him a highly sought after player. Look for him to surprise all in more than a few ways as he enters into his junior year. Peter DeGeorge will be a premiere player in this upcoming football season. You won’t want to miss Peter DeGeorge, so make sure you get to a Palmyra Panther game in the fall.

UK Horse Racing – The Different Types of National Hunt Races

National Hunt racing in the UK takes place primarily between the months of October and March though a limited amount does take place during the summer months. There are three main types of race – hurdle, chase and bumper. Let’s take a brief look at each.


Races over hurdles involves the horses jumping a number of obstacles a minimum of three feet and six inches in height. The number jumped varies dependant on the distance of the race which is usually between two and three and a half miles. To run over hurdles a horse must be a minimum of three years old. Juvenile hurdles are generally for three and four year old horses. Novice races are for animals which have not won a race before prior to the start of the current season.

There are also handicap hurdle races for horse which have earned a handicap mark. The qualifying conditions vary depending on the rating of the horses. In addition we have maidens – for horses who have yet to win a race, claimers – when each horse can be claimed by a new owner for a given price, selling races after which the winner is subject to sale by public auction and apprentice races which are restricted to apprentice jockeys.

Steeple Chases

A chase is a race run over larger obstacles known as fences. The minimum height of each fence is four feet and six inches on the take-off side. Water jumps must be at least three feet high. Open ditch fences have to be at least four feet and six inches high.

Chases are run over distances of two miles minimum to over three miles. There are longer distance chases with perhaps the most famous being the Grand National which is around four and a quarter miles in distance and an extreme test of stamina for horse and jockey. Similar to the hurdles, steeplechases involve novice races and handicaps.

National Hunt Flat

This type of race is also known as a “bumper.” It is for horses which have yet to graduate to hurdles and require experience of racing. No obstacles are involved. The distance run is typically from a mile and three-quarters upwards.

The National Hunt season builds to a crescendo each March with the staging of the annual Cheltenham Festival. This sees four days of top class jumps racing such as the Champion Hurdle and the Gold Cup.

Horses running over the jumps tend to have longer careers that their flat counterparts with the public taking them to their hearts. Some famous National Hunt horses from recent times include Red Rum, Desert Orchid, Kauto Star, Denman, Florida Pearl and Istabraq.

A day at a National Hunt meeting tends to be a more relaxed affair than the flat. Most of the courses are in beautiful rural country and quite scenic. Cheltenham itself falls in to the category. Other courses in such settings include Ludlow, Fakenham, Market Rasen, Perth, Wetherby and Bangor-on-Dee. Literally from one end of the country to the other.

Flying on The Court

If no basketball, what James’s childhood left were simply the memory about poverty and turbulence. In his third year, LeBron received his first basketball. Gloria and her boyfriend Eddie bought a set of basketball equipment for James. And just in that night, LerBron ‘s grandmother Freda ,who was 42 years old died of heart disease. LeBron spent his childhood in gloom. During that time, he fell in love with Michael Jordan and basketball, and he chose the polo shirt with number 23 for himself. James frequently told people,” It was a terrible childhood, and I could not see if I should smoked in the street corner or returned to the classroom, or even to become a thief… However, when I came to the court, I saw I just need do one thing, basketball!”

Lebron’ small bedroom was full of Jordan’s posters. He dreamed that someday he could grow to 1.98 meters and fly like Jordan on the playground when he was very young. When he went straight to the height of over 1.98 meters 2.03 meters, he was so annoyed. But now, he never cares about this, because he could always fly just like Jordan and accomplish all kinds of unbelievable slam dunk. From him, the world saw the flying coming from Jordan.

Postscript: Would he still be so modest when he comes again? When LeBron James not here, I ended a busy period, and rest for two days. Of course, compared to an interview with Jordan last May, this is simply not really tired. I saw that even standing side by side in the Great Wall together with James still do not look like the excitement of enjoying Jordan’s photos. I see LeBron James belongs to the next generation, belongs to Liu Mingming who is in Grade 1 and Li Jian who is in Grade 2 right now. I still remember clearly that those two young faces showed out surprise from inner hearts. About me, I could only live in the memory about Jordan.

I unexpectedly wonder whether LeBron James will drop in on the Great Wall again if he boards the Grand Champion podium one day or makes a great achievement like Jordan in the future. Whatever I’m doing, I hope to go together at that time. I seem to be eager to know his changes comparing to today-at his side, is there still innocent girl? Will they go a few paces and then have a very close picture together? Will his voice sound so low-profile and condescending? Is there still his group of childhood friends at his side? Will he still always admonish those children to play basketball with the spirit of teamwork?

Anyway, I have accompanied two numbers 23 to climb the Great Wall. This is probably deserved to be proud in my career of a basketball journalist. I’ve been to the Great Wall four times, twice previously are climbing the wild Great Wall of Huanghuacheng with my friends while twice latter are visiting famous scenic spots of the Great Wall like Bada Ling and Juyong Guan. It is said by people all over the world that this Number 23 is the only qualified successor of that Number 23 in NBA before interviewed the 40-year-old Michael Jordan last May and accompanied the 20-year-old LeBron James last Friday. Popularly speaking, he is the only possible long-awaited “Jordan- “People call the former Number 23 “flyer” while the latter Number 23 “little emperor”.