Gearing Up For Snowboarding

So, you have decided that you want to take up snowboarding as a sport. You have seen snowboarders gracefully carving down the mountain, doing 360’s over jumps effortlessly. And you want to look that cool. But where, as a snowboarding newbie, do you start? There is a ton of things you are going to need to get before you actually hit the slopes for the first time.

Getting Your Gear

The first thing you need to do before you get up on the mountain is prepare yourself with the proper snowboarding gear. The best place to start is an outdoor sports specialty store. If you are a true snowboarding newbie looking to get all the gear you are going to need, Sports Authority has a great sale every season called “Sni-a-grab” with great discounts. So, what exactly are you going to need to get started on the mountains? Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up. Obviously, you are going to need a snowboard. Choosing a snowboard is going to set the stage for your entire snowboarding career. You want to keep in mind what type of snowboarding you are going to be doing – if you are planning on specializing in tricks, you will want to buy a different board than if you want to race as fast as possible down the mountain. Once you decide what type of board is going to best suit your needs, then you are going to have to find the right fit for you – any snowboarding shop you go to will be able to tell you the proper size board depending on your size. Once you have your board picked out, you are going to need to get the rest of your gear. Boots and bindings are the next, and possibly most important, step in assembling your snowboarding arsenal. When trying on boots, keep in mind that the temperature on the mountains is going to be freezing and you are going to want to wear more than one pair of socks. Your boots should be snug, but loose enough to accomodate extra layers. Your bindings should also fit comfortably around your boot and be easy to adjust – if you are having trouble adjusting them in the store, it’s not going to get any better when you are in four feet of snow on the top of the mountain.

So now on to the true aesthetics – your actual snowboarding outfit. You can wear whatever you want underneath the essentials (I usually rock flannels, sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and a hoodie), but you are absolutely going to need a jacket and snow pants. There are countless options, from different colors to fabrics to textures, for you to choose from, and as long as they are from a reputable brand and you are comfortable then they should be fine. Make sure that you buy that jacket and pants large enough to fit enought layers underneath to stay warm!

All you need now are your accessories: gloves, a hat, goggles, and you are ready to hit the mountain!

Keep in Mind

You may look the part, but you need to realize that snowboarding a sport, and just like any other sport requires training, patience, hard work, and time. Don’t be discouraged if all you do is the fall the first, second, or even third time you try it out.

Racing Go Cart – How to Choose The Best Go Kart Frame

A very important piece of a speedy and stable go cart is the chassis, also known as the go kart frame. This item is certainly one of the most essential components if you want to have success at the race track. It requires a well-designed and sturdily constructed chassis to keep your tires from rising off the ground while making your way through crowded tight corners at top speed. Whirling out of control is a great deal more liable to happen with a substandard chassis.

A go cart frame is manufactured from steel tubing, is affixed to the axles, and holds the motor and body. Because go carts do not have a suspension the framework must be solid enough not to break down and flexible enough to act as the suspension. Hard turns are a major part of kart racing and can be exceedingly tough on frames, so some flexibility is required for maneuvering although some rigidity is required for stability.

Straight, offset, open, and caged are the four chassis types. A caged chassis has a roll cage affixed that encircles the driver of a go cart. Its main function is to prevent injury as a result of a crash, mostly in a roll-over accident, but as an added bonus it can also help brace the framework. A roll bar is sometimes used as an alternative to a roll cage. The roll bar is found directly behind the driver and provides a degree of protection in an accident involving a roll-over, but less than a roll cage. An open chassis does not have a roll cage and will not safeguard the driver as satisfactorily.

Offset and straight frames are given their respective names according to the location of the driver. If the driver sits in the midpoint of the kart it is called a straight frame. If the driver sits on the left side in the kart it is an offset frame. Straight frames are usually used for sprint racing whereas offset chassis are normally used for speedway racing. Speedway racing is normally the name used for oval tracks encompassing all left turns.

Despite the type of frame used, a well-built chassis will supply you with a rock-solid vehicle that can endure the punishment it receives on tough tracks. Differing types of race tracks and situations call for differing levels of frame rigidity for maximum efficiency and durability. The total amount of stiffness will vary depending on whether or not the road course is concrete, asphalt, or dirt.

A stiff chassis is usually better for drier weather and track conditions while a flexible chassis is ideally suited for moist track situations. The best chassis permit easy altering of the stiffness to ideally fit the prevailing climate and track conditions. You can change the stiffness if you have the ability to add or remove stiffening bars on the front, rear, and sides of the go kart. The better go carts offer this ability.

Overly stiff frames, without sufficient flexibility, can fracture without too much trouble. The correct level of flexibility and stiffness will permit a driver to maintain a truer direction during tricky cornering instead of drifting sideways. This will certainly improve performance and also increase the lifespan of the chassis.

If you would like the proper chassis for your individual circumstances you must determine which sort of go karting you will be participating in. If you will be racing at a specific track you ought to have a discussion with the experts at that track to determine the proper chassis for that specific track. They can help steer you toward the correct type of chassis that will work best for the unique conditions of their track.

Moreover, there are a large amount of governing bodies for karting, each having their own unique set of regulations. Knowing what is acceptable and what is not acceptable at the track you will be racing on will prevent you from buying a go kart that is not allowed on that track. Finding the right chassis for the right track and conditions, with the ability to change the stiffness as wanted, will add greatly to your pleasure and success when racing go karts.

Lakers And Mavericks Are Starring a Tight Battle in The West For No. 2

Both franchises are tied with a 48-20 record, and only the head-to-head won-lost percentage gives the defending champions the lead.

There are only 14 games left before the 2010-11 NBA regular season comes to end and the dispute for the No. 2 in the West between Los Angeles Lakers and Dallas Mavericks promises to be the main attraction. With the San Antonio Spurs 6.5-games ahead of both, it is pretty clear that the No.1 seed in the conference will belong to the Spurs. This leaves the defending champions and the Mavs with no other option than competing for No. 2.

The schedule seems to be more favorable for the Lakers, as out of those 14 games left ten will be at their home field, the Staples Center, where they have a record of 23-8 so far. Meanwhile the Mavs will be on the road seven times before the season ends, with one of those visits against the defending champions on March 31st.

They have faced each other twice this year, in both occasions at the American Airlines Center. The first confrontation was won by Dallas by 109-100 on January 19. And in the second game on March 12th the victory went to Los Angeles by 96-91. Therefore their third and last game will be very important in matters of tiebreaker basis, since the head-to-head won-lost percentage could end up being decisive for them.

As of today both of them are tied with a 48-20 record each, with the tiebreaker favoring the Lakers. The last ten games have also been more favorable for defending champions, since their 9-1 mark has allowed them to snatch the second place from Dallas, squad that has lost four out of the last ten.

While these two franchises dispute the No. 2 in the Western Conference, the Oklahoma City Thunder (44-23) will be working on securing their fourth place. With a five win streak the Thunder has proven to be on the right track towards their goal. They are three games ahead their closest contender, the Denver Nuggets, team that hasn’t accused Carmelo Anthony’s departure yet.

The Nuggets are fifth with a 41-27 record. Eight of those victories took place in the last ten games, where they have won the last four in a row, which has help them be one game ahead of No.6 New Orleans Hornets (40-30). Definitely that battle for the fifth place will be a tight one.

And so will the one for the last two playoff berths at stake, which at this time are property of No. 7 Portland Trail Blazers (38-29) and No. 8 Memphis Grizzlies (37-31), teams that could find in the Utah Jazz (36-33) and Houston Rockets (35-34) a menace towards their post-season goal.

The ones that don’t even stand a chance to reaching the playoffs and have suffered a premature elimination are the second before last Minnesota Timberwolves, along with last place Sacramento Kings. Both of them have suffered at least 50 defeats so far in the season.

Third from last L.A. Clippers are about to join them soon, for their 26-43 record isn’t of much help. As for the Phoenix Suns (33-33) and Golden State Warriors (30-38), No. 11 and No. 12 respectively, the future doesn’t look bright either, for they don’t depend solely on their results, and their performance this year doesn’t invite you to think in a miracle.

Biography of 1977 AL Cy Young Award Winner Sparky Lyle

In Major League Baseball, pitchers have always taken a large responsibility as the most important player on the field while they are playing. With so much responsibility laying on the pitchers, there is also a lot of praise available for pitchers that are dominant. While the MVP is generally given to a hitter, it is often the Cy Young Award that receives more notoriety. Because the Cy Young Award is such a prestigious award, the winners throughout the years are still remembered for their greatness during their Cy Young seasons.

The winner of the 1977 Cy Young Award was Spark Lyle. Lyle was born in DuBois, Pennsylvania in July of 1944.

Interestingly enough, Lyle was the Cy Young Award winner, but he was not a starting pitcher when he won the award. This is very rarely the case as starting pitchers generally will pitch a much larger number of games than relief pitchers. In his Cy Young Award winning season he was the closer for the New York Yankees.

During that season he managed to finish out 60 games for New York. While pitching in the end of so many games he had a lot of opportunities to win games, lose games and save games. He managed to pull out 13 victories over the course of the year and lost just 5 games. He also brought in 26 saves. He pitched for 137 innings out of the bullpen and posted an impressive ERA of 2.17 for the Yankees.

While most dominant relievers today are strikeout pitchers, this was not the case for Lyle. He pitched 1390.1 innings over the course of his career, but he only struck out 873 batters. This meant that he relied on his control to keep batters from hitting him hard by forcing ground balls and pop flies.

Over the course of his career, Lyle pitched for many different teams. He spent the first 5 seasons of his career with the Boston Red Sox. He moved on to play with the Yankees from 1972 until 1978. After playing with the Yankees he played with the Rangers for 2 seasons and the Phillies for 3 seasons. He finished off his career with the White Sox, but only pitched in 11 games as he was acquired from the Phillies during the course of the season.

His career stats were very impressive, especially for a relief pitcher. Despite never starting a game over the course of his career he managed to win 99 games while losing 76. He racked up 238 career saves and finished 634 games for his teams.

He was named an all-star three different times during his career and helped the Yankees win championships in 1977 and 1978.

Long after his playing career was over he decided to take a shot at becoming a manager. He has coached the Somerset Patriots since 1998 and has won the Atlantic League pennant 5 times as the manager. Since the birth of the team, he has been the only manager for the organization.

Dock Line as The Right Safety Accessory For a Marine Vessel

A dock line is one of the most important safety accessories that are of great use in a marine vessel like a boat, yacht or ship. You can use them to ensure that your boat is secured to a dock or a mooring post, when it is at halt. It is very much in demand these days, and accordingly manufacturers have come up with a wide variety of options to cater to a varied range of needs.

Rock Climbing

The selection of ropes in rock climbing is different in different situations. When there is no leading, then a static rope is the best bet. Again, when you have to choose one for sport climbing then using a long nylon rope (60 meter) is a good idea. Medium durability and weight are the factors that you should look out for climbing rope.

Custom Dock Line Range

Nowadays, you can get varieties with and without chafes (available both in chafe fabric as well as in leather) for that extra protection. You can also get customized options in terms of their make, eye size, length, color, material and other unimaginable options. Most of these are today designed with the bitter end being hand whipped to keep the braid from unraveling.

Nylon Dock Line

The best varieties are those that are made from nylon. This is because these types are extremely resistant to shock and are soft on the hands. They also have the maximum capacity to resist damaging cleats on your boat and on your dock. You can find them in 3-strand or twisted line, 8-strand, 12-strand or Mega Braid etc. The choice is completely yours depending on your specific application areas. Different braids have different attributes and tensile strengths; hence make your choice accordingly. Use them in conjunction with spring lines to secure a boat to a dock in the most efficient manner.

Dock Line Availability

These days the internet has become a great source for getting all types of products and services like nylon rope for dock lines. You can get these at the best deals with a thorough research on the internet. Most manufacturers and vendors pack individual lines in sealed printed poly bags and shipped in standard case at your desired destination, in the shortest turnaround time. The same applies to other rope varieties available in the market today like climbing rope. However, a word of caution, when you have to select a dock line for your boat, always remember that a 12-strand (Mega braid) line is not as strong as double braid line and also colored line is not as strong as white line. This would help you to get the right variety that suits your needs.

Choose your rope carefully for a safe and enjoying climbing expedition. Happy choosing!